Design tips

  1. Tell a story that will be memorable and understood within 5-10 seconds.
  2. Think about the one thing you want people to take away from your ad, whether it’s a brand you want people to remember the next time they are at the grocery store, or some fried chicken at the next exit?
  3. People aren’t good at remembering facts, but great at remembering stories.  Your billboard must tell the story through images and text.
  4. One way to make an impact is by utilizing a short and fun play on words that will create a chuckle or even a short rhyme that will help your message stick.
  5. A large dynamic image can tell it all and relay your message more than words alone.
  6. Keep your message short and sweet…shoot for a maximum of 7 words or less.
  7. Be sure your text is printed in clean, bold font to ensure the best readability.
  8. Be colorful!  Use bright colors or a bold mage in your design to effortlessly attract eye to your billboard.
  9. Keep your background simple to ensure the foreground isn’t fighting for attention.  One dynamic image will create much more visual impact than several smaller images.